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Snow Falling

We are well into February, and I am fast approaching the one month mark since moving back to Montreal. It will soon be two months since I quit my job, and upped sticks. I can't remember the last time I had so much time to myself. It is a little daunting, but quite refreshing, all at the same time.

While everyone around me may be in a whirl over Valentine's Day, I am pondering my next step. Without really thinking about it. Actually, to be honest, it only fleetingly crosses my mind. I actually spend quite a a lot of time watching the snow fall. I should probably be more worried about it, but I am actually much more concerned with the menu for my mother's birthday.

At least I have the dessert figured out: individual Japanese cheesecakes. You may have seen these floating around the web: they are light and fluffy, wobbly and airy, pretty much the antithesis of a New York cheesecake. I will admit that when I first encountered these little puffs of cheesecake in Japan, they see…

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